Echo Courts

from by Ennet House



This song's riffs are about three years old and incubated for a really long time. It was originally supposed to be on our second album Sensitive Bends, but was rebooted by Chris and was really the song that catalyzed the whole carnival concept behind this EP.


Tally odds and dally towards the iron octopod
To ricochet in tubs of melted
Sherbet stains your summer kicks
You win a fish and sing it songs of love
You wait in line to say we really rode the tallest ride
Like countless other sweating peoples
Honey, strap in next to me
So we can bounce in ecstasy above

And when we die, I hope they mention me
And all those bitches die on shadeless seas
Another coaster boasts a bulge of these
Of course I'd show you
But I told your mom that you would get home
We'll get home safely

Wake, stretch your toes in the sheets
Scald your tongue, start with sweets
Park your car, plod these streets
Shadow shades, see a man
Plunging fast, showers red
From his skull, splatters sped
From floor twelve to your head
Crushed your neck: the world is gone

The arcade speaks; Geneva mecha pecked
The princess's cheek then took the firebreather's cousin
Tickers turn in circles
Over-sexed the ex, express yourself out loud
Your priestess eyes would fast or rather watch
The Sun God rise alone, above the Lazy-Susan
Strip and sing, your horse -
A cannibal - would make your Dali proud

Pretend it ends and then you'll come with me
Where we can laugh with everyone we see
And I'll be saved, your skirt can catch the breeze
When sinful women live in infamy
I pooled the money from Monopoly
Of course I'd show you
But I told your mom that you would get home
We'll get home safely

It begins when the ice, it coats the
Oaks and the willows, frozen
E-mails in Kale-monath and the
Hail bludgeons windows, winsome (when some)
Foliage peeks its stigmas
Shooting through pistils, this will
Signal the green to peak and
Bellow like minstrels, then the
Art of all the dresses will make
Fools of many aesthetes who will
Roll around in suns and grasses,
Just dying to be athletes, when the
Weather turns to shit again
And October really frightens me:
On a throne or on a pinwheel
We will all fall down again

Routine for bed, just lie off the mountain
I'm guessing He felt the force of your shouting
Ferris(t) of fairs and fish-eating fountain,
Roe of the roller: give me an outing

We'll get home safely to safety.

don't we have similar likes?
don't we have similar eyes?
don't we have similar likes?
don't our values have the same keys?


from Torque, released July 23, 2012




Ennet House Ohio

"A smooth, flowing fullness and a beat that makes it infectious and easy to listen to. It’s a sound so big it can’t quite be contained into individual songs, and each track seems to pour into the next as the album unfolds."

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