Tentative Ends

from by Ennet House



Sensitivity is fickle
and mine it seems to bend and trickle
out my mouth and through my actions
if I hadn't done the math in my head
maybe we'd still bend
natives would leave and circle the bend
maybe we'd stay friends
and maybe we'd make our own bed
Proclivity is nascent
and mine it seems to feel so ancient
on my tongue and when you twist it
I see shapes of bobbing heads and
maybe you'd still send
letters with my name in them
maybe you'd still bend
envelopes with locking knees

Splining atlas: spine's corrosion
my, your seams set mine in motion
Sine the signs of old, collegiate
songs that lick my aching head
Maybe we'd still bend
notes out our straining little larynx
Maybe we'd still lend
tissues out to our friends
Creativity, the Poet,
took me down to darkled wood,
metamorphose-sized my mattress
to sack the magic of frozen gates
Maybe you'd stay a friend,
maybe you'd gargle like a good girl
Time to make our senses bend,
to lock hearts and foray into the real world

I smile
and you moan,
like Ovid at the gate
You dive,
and I fake,
over tea and a frozen lake
I croon,
but too soon,
and you shoot me shoot me shoot me down I'm drowning, drowning, drowning, drowning
I whine
and you sigh
like Ovid at the ga -ay-ay-ay-ay-te
as your shoe
meets my face
I'm pounding, pounding, pounding at the ga- -ay-ay-ay-ay-te
You dive,
and I fake,
over tea and a frozen lake
I'm drowning drowning drowning drowning


from Sensitive Bends, released March 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Ennet House Ohio

"A smooth, flowing fullness and a beat that makes it infectious and easy to listen to. It’s a sound so big it can’t quite be contained into individual songs, and each track seems to pour into the next as the album unfolds."

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